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Y FLIKER: A complete brand new range of cool children’s scooters and Y FLIKER scooters have taken the world by storm and it has become the newest craze to hit the streets. The combination of swift fast thrills and excellent safety features make fliker scooters a hit among the kids and adults. Riding fliker scooter is very similar to the movements of surfing or skateboarding but it offers more control and grip on the scooter. No pushing is needed in this case, just move your legs from one side to the other and the Y Flicker takes off, even reaching speeds of up to 25km/h. Found in a variety of colors and sizes, you just can’t afford to miss the enthusiasm of riding a scooter flicker!!

Flicker Scooter Range

Flicker f1


The Y FLIKER F1 scooter is the exclusive entry level model of the newest Y Flicker range, uniquely developed for a child of 6 years or older. Y FLIKER F1 scooter and all other y fliker scooters offer amazing control, powered by super durable PU (polyurethane) wheels and a perfectly tuned braking system. Combining both the movements of skiing and the portability of a street scooter, the new Y-Flicker is simply the best option for kids to hover around.

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Height: 850mm Length: 910mm Width: 510mm Weight: 6.5kg

Y Fliker F3 scooter
Y Flicker F3 Scooters
YFlicker F3 Scooters

The Y FLIKER F3 scooter is the medium model available in the Y Flicker range, developed for a child of 8 years or older. Kids and even the teens can now enjoy the excitement of scooter fliker riding like never before! Not only do the kids above 8 years of age, but teens also love these colorful and stylish y fliker scooters and this is surely the current hottest trend all over.

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Height: 1020mm Length: 1024mm Width: 622mm Weight: 8.9kg

Y Flicker F5
Y Fliker F5
Y Fliker F5

The Y FLIKER F5 is the largest model in our Y Flicker range, especially designed for a child of ten years or older. Attractive looking brand new range of y fliker scooter is rocking the kids’ scooter world. Latest yfliker motorized scooters are apt for those kids inclined to various adventurous activities. Found in an array of colors and designs, the rider not only gets huge amount of flexibility while driving but they can enjoy good speed as well.

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Height: 1040mm Length: 1040mm Width: 622mm Weight: 9.2kg

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